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A Force-user applies shatterpoint in lightsaber combat. Shatterpoints were perceived like faults in a Corusca gem. In relation to events, a single "strike," or action ..., Shatterpoint is a science fiction novel by Matthew Stover (read by Jonathan Davis in the audiobook version) set in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars creator George ..., Shatterpoint is a novel written by Matthew Stover. The first novel in the Clone Wars novel..., Shatterpoint is a highly-trained member of the elite Maximal Command Security Force. His job is to uphold the will of the Maximal Imperium on Cybertron in the name of ..., Star Wars: Shatterpoint is a Star Wars Legends novel by Matt Stover. Mace Windu's former Padawan, and current fellow Council member, goes rogue. Mace Windu, Shatterpoint explores the darker side of the Force. How dark can a Jedi go and still be a Jedi? What acts are acceptable for Jedi during a time of war?, Shatterpoint has 5,995 ratings and 180 reviews. Jim said: I haven't been keeping up with the Star Wars novels lately, but I had been curious about this o..., Shatterpoint offers some of the most unique battles ever seen in a Star Wars novel, ranging from a midair battle between Mace Windu and a Balawai gunship to the all ..., I'm obviously missing something. What's the trick to preventing shatterpoint from triggering on the final round of the tank challenge?, Our family loves these dvds! We are so thankful we came across them and will buy any more ShatterPoint makes. Thank you for making clean and fun movies that honor the ...320327 epub books 320325 epub books

Matthew Woodring Stover - (Rating: 3.85 - 5443 votes)

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Shatterpoint The Jedi are keepers of the peace. We are not soldiers. MACE WINDU Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the ClonesMace Windu is a living legend: Jedi Master, senior member of the Jedi Council, skilled diplomat, devastating fighter. Some say he is the deadliest man alive. But he is a man of peaceand for the first time in a thousand years, the galaxy is at war. Now, following the momentous events climaxing in the Battle of Geonosis, Master Mace Windu must undertake a perilous homecoming to his native worldto defuse a potentially catastrophic crisis for the Republic . . . and to confront a terrifying mystery with dire personal consequences. The jungle planet of Haruun Kal, the homeworld Mace barely remembers, has become a battleground in the increasing hostilities between the Republic and the renegade Separatist movement. The Jedi Council has sent Depa BillabaMaces former Padawan and fellow Council memberto Haruun Kal to train the local tribesmen as a guerilla resistance force, to fight against the Separatists who control the planet and its strategic star system with their droid armies. But now the Separatists have pulled back, and Depa has not returned. The only clue to her disappearance is a cryptic recording left at the scene of a brutal massacre: a recording that hints of madness and murder, and the darkness in the jungle . . . a recording in Depas own voice. Mace Windu trained her. Only he can find her. Only he can learn what has changed her. Only he can stop her. Jedi were never intended to be soldiers. But now they have no choice. Mace must journey alone into the most treacherous jungle in the galaxyand into his own heritage. He will leave behind the Republic he serves, the civilization he believes in, everything but his passion for peace and his devotion to his former Padawan. And he will learn the terrible price that must be paid, when keepers of the peace are forced to make war. . . .Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on theStar Warsexpanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popularStar Warsbooks of the last thirty years!

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