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Hawaiian Light: The Tao of the Islands

Nobu Nakayama - (Rating: 2 - 0 votes)

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Hawaiian Light: The Tao of the Islands Hawaiian Light is a meditative poem celebrating ocean, sun, moon, sky, and the volcanic fires that created the magnificent tropical archipelago of Hawaii in the turbulent waters of the Pacific millions of years ago. These eighty-six stunning color photographs, both delicate and bold, reveal a dimension of the Hawaiian Islands that tourists rarely glimpse. Over a period of fifteen years, photographer Nobu Nakayama has collected a unique array of images that unveil the subtle splendor of nature and her cosmic rhythms. Nakayama's tranquil photographs are interwoven with ancient sacred verses from the Tao Te Ching, each profoundly illustrating a principle of Taoist philosophy. Just as Taoism encourages us to retire from the complexity of the world to live a life of divine simplicity, the images in this book inspire a sublime retreat from the stresses of modern life.

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